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OMAC offers a comprehensive range of advisory services for beverage companies looking to confidentially buy, sell, merge or obtain capital. With over 60 years of beverage industry transaction experience, our team will create a highly customized strategy and disciplined process that provides the framework for owners to make difficult decisions while optimizing results.

We provide frank guidance and complete recommendations. We don’t tell you what you “want” to hear, but what you “need” to hear before executing your transaction.

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Sell Side Advisory

Every owner that seeks to sell their business has different goals and objectives. Although we always strive to maximize price, sometimes a seller has other goals to consider. Our sale process starts by listening to our client and defining what our client is looking to achieve. From there we perform the analysis to determine the best strategic approach to pursue all our client’s goals and objectives.

The market for beverage companies is fairly unique and the universe of players in this space is relatively small. There are a finite number of logical buyers for any individual company, and we maintain relationships with financial and strategic buyers that are clamoring to break into or expand their investments in this industry.

Our sale strategy will always incorporate the thoughts of both our client and our client’s other trusted advisors balanced against the landscape of buyers to ensure we address all relevant aspects of the deal.

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Buy Side Advisory

Our professionals have been involved in hundreds of transactions in the beverage industry. We develop the optimal purchase strategy for each client by engaging in extensive due diligence, analysis, and dialogue on the front end of each engagement. The OMAC team has the experience and resources necessary to completely analyze the transaction and provide comprehensive financial and strategic recommendations. We position our clients as the optimal buyer and then proactively work with suppliers to ensure a seamless closing.

As part of our buy-side advisory services, we also help buyers capitalize on acquisitions. Having a long-time banker on the deal team ensures that your deal will have the right capital behind it and at the most aggressive terms possible.

Even if you don’t have an imminent transaction, our team can formulate a range of possible paths to growth and help execute your growth strategy.

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In some cases, business owners wish to capture future operational synergies or simply want to step away from the day-to-day grind of managing the business but do not wish to liquidate their position by selling. Such a circumstance is quite often an opportunity for a merger.

Our team has structured and negotiated multiple mergers in the past and can offer the highly valuable experience necessary to avoid pitfalls. Though we can advise simply one party of the merger, we can also serve as an objective third-party advisor that can guide both parties to successful completion through a joint engagement.

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Capital Advisory

In addition to our M&A capabilities, OMAC also prides itself on being the leading source in the industry for capital advisory and placement services for both debt and equity. With a former banking executive on its deal team, OMAC is uniquely qualified to assist its clients with their capital needs.

Our longstanding relationships with all of the “beverage lenders” allow us to keep abreast of any changes that take place in the banking landscape. OMAC remains committed to providing its clients with unbiased advice on how best to structure and arrange senior debt while leveraging its relationships with debt providers to obtain the most favorable terms for its clients.

In addition to working with the traditional senior bank lenders, OMAC has cultivated relationships with high-net-worth individuals to develop sources of alternative capital (e.g. preferred equity, mezzanine debt) for acquisitions that may require it.

Our unique and deep capital markets insight and experience provide our clients with the relevant knowledge required to design and arrange capital structures most appropriate for their long-term success.