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Your Trusted Advisor

Honest Guidance Based on Data and Decades of Experience in the Beverage Industry

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Capital Advisory

Sell Side Advisory
Buy Side Advisory
Capital Advisory

Unparalleled Value

OMAC’s model creates unparalleled value and service for our clients. Our experience in the beverage industry allows us to explore all options while highlighting the risks and benefits of proceeding through complex transactions. We will never hesitate to offer frank guidance regardless of the outcome and make complete recommendations. The beverage industry is our background, our niche, and our passion!

OMAC strives to be the most trusted M&A advisor to beverage companies by providing clients with the resources, knowledge, and sophistication necessary to create and maximize value at key points in their businesses life cycle.

Our Team

OMAC Beverage Advisors - Portrait-Sean McLaren-new-6x6
Sean McLaren

Managing Partner
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OMAC Beverage Advisors - Portrait - John O'Connor-new-6x6
John O’Connor

Managing Partner
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OMAC - Adam Bush-new-6x6
Adam Bush

Managing Director
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Alec Boente

Vice President
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Grant Owens

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OMAC Beverage Advisors