OMAC was formed out of our strongly held belief that our people and business model will create unparalleled value and service for our clients. We believe that our experience in the beverage industry uniquely allows us to explore all options for our clients while highlighting the risks and benefits of proceeding through complex transactions. We will never hesitate to offer frank guidance regardless of the outcome and make complete recommendations. The beverage industry is our background, our niche and our passion!

OMAC strives to be the most trusted M&A advisor to beverage companies by providing clients with the resources, knowledge and sophistication necessary to create and maximize value at key points in their businesses' life cycle.

We also believe that although the beverage business does not seem that complicated, transactions can often become just that…complicated. We believe that objective merger and acquisition professionals let you do what you do best…run your business; while we do what we do best…execute transactions.

We don't think a business or a brand can be accurately valued by using a market comparable (e.g. multiple of gross profit). We use extensive due diligence to generate a predictable stream of cash flows that generate a return on investment. Market comparables are handy for conversations, but are dangerous to use if you are a buyer or a seller.
 All merger, acquisition and private placement transactions involving securities are conducted through
OMAC Beverage Securities, LLC., member FINRA/SIPC.
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